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Hot House Sessions
- Music and Film recorded by Marcin Wright in May 2012 in the South of England, and edited in Munich, Germany.

The development of my playing style and influences are reflected in the music, vocals and acoustic guitar arrangements you will find in these videos.

These influences are from some of the most important and significant innovators in the Country Blues acoustic finger style tradition, combining Bill Broonzy’s slick sophisticated virtuoso single independent thumb and fingerpicking, with the Piedmont guitar styles of Brownie McGhee and Elizabeth Cotton and the laid back Delta Blues fingerpicking of Mississippi John Hurt, where a regular, alternating-thumb bass pattern support’s a riffing syncopated melody on the treble strings.

The guitar used for the Hot House Sessions is a Vince Hockey 000 hand crafted 6 string, with a Western Red Cedar top, East Indian Rosewood back & sides, Mahogany & Rope inlay binding, Macassar Ebony fingerboard, Ebony Bridge & Grover mini tuners.

Video 1 "Back Yard Blues" © Glen Wright Original lyrics, music and vocals. It tells a familiar story of the prodigal blues journeyman’ far away from home thinking about old times family and friends. It contains typical blues themes of going back home, trains journeys and a fond recollection of long lost lovers.

Video 2 "If You Don’t Want Me" © Glen Wright Original lyrics, music and vocals. Once again a common blues theme of coping with mixed contradictory emotions, of unfaithful lovers , wanting someone back and rejecting them at the same time and not being able to forgive and forget.

Video 3 "Come Back Baby" - W.Davis. A slow blues written and recorded by the blues singer and pianist Walter Davis in 1940. I first heard this song played by Dave Van Ronk. Another long lost lover blues song and a personal favourite of mine.

Video 4 "I’ll Be there" © Glen Wright Original lyrics, music and vocals. A Country Blues Gospel style song inspired by the film Ghost.The lyrics refer to a loss through death of a loved one. Its about grieving and reaching out for comfort and strength in coping with the everyday pressures and demands for living for those who are left behind.

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