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Levin Goliath (1966)

My first ‘real’ semi-pro feel string acoustic guitar. It was very popular with a lot of emerging professional folk singers and groups in the 1960 ‘s and 1970’s during the English Folk Boom. I saw this beauty in the shop window and bought it when I was 19 years old for £58 at Potters Guitar Shop in Richmond Surrey.

'Martin styled Dreadnaught’, Length is 505mm, Body width 400mm, Depth 95/120mm. Fingerboard width 43mm and Scale Length 630mm.

European Spruce top Flame Maple back & sides, Brazillian Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge, modified Schaller M6 Tuners.

It has matured beautifully into a classic Folk & Blues Fingerstyle guitar with a strong bass, punchy mid and bright trebles. I favour a light touch, low action and exclusively use Daddario Blue Grass Medium/Light strings, and in small venues a K&K Meridian Pro ‘clip on’ mic and Preamp and AER 60 Compact.

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