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1. Heart In Sorrow© Brownie McGhee 1979 *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. A great show opener by Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. Compared with the original, I've jived this one up a little, adapting & rearranging it into an up-tempo Ragtime Blues in the Key of C.

2. Black Cat Bone© Dave "Snaker" Ray 1964 Nina Music *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. Found on the 1964 Blues Project album.The original was more rhythmic with sharp staccato riffs & rasping vocals. It's adapted to suit my vocal & guitar style of melodic Raggy Blues. Key of A.

3. Come Back Baby© Walter Davis 1940 *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. I first heard this played by Dave Van Ronk- a big inspiration & influence on me. A larger than life figure with a powerfully expressive voice & signature guitar style. Key of A.

4. Careless Love© Traditional *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. A traditional song with its roots in England (The Sprig of Thyme). After I first heard it played by Blind Willie McTell,I worked it out on piano & then transferred it to Fingerstyle guitar. A beautiful & soulful song with a strong melody line. Key of D.

5. Long Tall Girl© Mance Lipscomb 1969 Tradition Music *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. I shamelessly poached verses from an old Blues song & transformed it with my own original melody line, harmony & up-tempo Salty Dog finger style arrangement. Key of C.

6. Blue Moon Blues© G.Wright. Another one of my been on the road too long songs, tipping my hat to Jimmie Rodgers The Singing Brakeman with its references to guitars, trains & long lost lovers. Key of F#. 7.1 Don't Care© J.B.Lenoir 1966 *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. I first heard this in a photo documentary film called Blues Like Showers of Rain by John Jeremy. An outstanding song by a legendary bluesman. Key of F#.

8. BB's Blues© Buddy "Boy" Hawkins *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. A personal tribute by adapting & rearranging B.B's Voice Throwing Blues. A contemporary of Charley Patton, Hawkins only recorded 12 sides & then faded into obscurity. He recorded his own version in 1929, which also came to be known as Hesitation Blues. Key of E.

9. Sugar Babe© Mance Lipscomb 1968 Tradition Music Co *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. My version uses Lipscomb's lyrics & my own original melody, harmony & arrangement. Performed in a free time style. Key of D.

10. Back Yard Blues© G.Wright. I wrote this many years ago. It tells the familiar story of the prodigal Blues journey man, far away from home, wistfully thinking about the old times, family & friends left behind. In the Key of E.

11. Falling Down Blues© Rev.R.Wilkins 1968 Wynwood Music *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. When I first started playing, as I couldn't read music I collected many old Blues lyrics & later recreated the songs with my own original melody, harmony & arrangement. In the Key of D.

12. I'll Be There© G.Wright. A Country Blues Gospel style song. It's about grieving & reaching out for comfort & strength in coping with the everyday pressures & demands of living for those who are left behind. I wrote this for my mother after my father died. In the Key of E.

13. What Am I Living For© F.Jay & A.Harris 1958 *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. I first heard this Chuck Willis song as a Country Jazz style song by Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, & I changed it into a sort of stumbling hybrid Blues Waltz in the Key of E.

14. Sun Going Down© Son House 1942 Sondick Music Co *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright The great bluesman's lyrics set to my own one chord vamp with original melody lines, riffs & arrangement. Dropped D tuning.

15. Trouble In Mind© Richard Jones 1926 *Arranged & Adapted by G.Wright. I first heard this on a Big Bill Broonzy record I bought in Dobell's Record Shop on Charing Cross Road.l just had to make it my own! In the Key of E.

16. Rolling Stone© G.Wright. Another one of my On the Road songs inspired by my own experiences hitch hiking across the country to Folk, Blues & Jazz festivals in my late teens, the songs & stories of Woody Guthrie, & the writing of Jack Kerouac On the Road. Key of D.

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